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Student Council Geodesy and Geoinformatics

As the student council we deal with specific issues concerning the timetable of your courses, the examination regulations and the PR of the faculty. The student council is an active member of the KonGeoS (Conference of Geodesy Students) and the IGSO (International Geodetic Student Organisation). The participation in conferences in the home country as well as in foreign countries during KonGeoS and IGSM leads to regular meetings with different student councils in Germany and other countries in Europe.  


B205 in the Geodetic Institute (3101) , Nienburger Straße 1, at the corner of Schneiderberg, 2nd floor.


During the meeting of our student council (see next chapter) and whenever someone is in the room.  


Our sessions start on Mondays at 6 pm in the room of the student council. During the lecture time we meet weekly, otherwise monthly. Feel free to join our session, everybody is invited and we are happy to see new faces! The protocols of the sessions can be found 2 weeks after the session in the download area.  

Just ask a member of the Student Council or arrange an appointment.


Just go upstairs to the entrance of the geodetic institute, there you can find it next to the post boxes of all the institutes. 


The student council offers different services that simplify your studies. In the internal area of this homepage you can find more about that. Besides the download area including old exams we also have a library of important specific literature.